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LIFAIR air eliminators

Lifair air eliminators are produced for automatic air removing from liquid circulated systems. Separating net inside the Lifair air eliminator gathers air and micro bubbles together to a form of a bigger air bubble which floats up to the over part of the Lifair air eliminator. In the over part of Lifair locates an automatic air release valve which lets the high pressure air bubble to discharge away to room air. On the over part of Lifair You find a splendid quick air remover which aids to remove the air away from the network while filling it.
Lifair air eliminators can be equipped with a bottom valve for easy remove possible dirt particles away from the bottom part of Lifair.
Lifair air eliminator should be installed to the hottest place of the network e.g. in the heat distribution centres after the heat exchanger into the heating pipe.
Production of Lifair air eliminators consists of few different types of air eliminators depending on the used automatic air release valve.

20xxxx LIFAIR standart
21xxxx standard Lifair with bottom valve
22xxxx LIFAIR air TOP
23xxxx standard trap air&dirt Lifair with bottom valve
24xxxx LIFAIR Trap air-dirt with a flanged bottom cap and empty valve
25xxxx LIFAIR Trap dirt with empty valvesena_lentele
26xxxx LIFAIR Trap air-dirt empty valve
27xxxx LIFAIR air HI-FLOW
28xxxx LIFAIR Trap air-dirt empty valve HI-FLOW
29xxxx LIFAIR Trap air-dirt HI-FLOW with a flanged bottom cap and empty valve
A3_pressure lost air elim